Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thursday, October 25, 2012

When I 5 sense YOU

I Fell So Deep

Although I speak about you so much

Although everyone can see it

I would never admit it

Admit how I feel

When I first met you

I just thought it was a silly crush

Over time it grew on me; you grew on me

I found myself smiling, then I found myself thinking of you

I tried not to cry, but tears still broke through

I always asked myself could it be true? 

Or is this just a one off thing

You made me smile, you made me feel special

I know you don't feel the same, but I want you too

I've never admitted this to no one, not even you

I think I've fallen in love with you!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Arms - Christina Perri

I Love You

My Neighbor

So this guy. J.L.M, I think he is amazing. He makes me feel good inside. He is very Tall, Dark & Handsome in my eyes. When we have our moments.. they are the BEST moments. We have been through a storm of issues before we got to "this" point. His touch, His scent, His look, His everything... I Adore. He is a little young... (2 years)  but I'm positive that he acts mature enough. I Love him and I don't want to let go. He is a wonderful Boyfriend, Neighbor, Best friend... Person overall. But now here's the problem.... I want to move to New York for college, and for a restart on my life. He's going to stay in Connecticut. Although it saddens me..I'm torn. I know one is more important then the other but He makes me happy. I love him! He might just be the love of my life.. I feel that way.
                                                                       What to do? 

                                            This Is Her

A girl who has dealt with plenty. A girl who was employed and had a car since 17. A girl who has not only continued her high school and college education, but has not yet gotten pregnant. You are looking at a girl who has suffered from depression and PTSD. A girl who had a father who was abusive with schizophrenia. A girl who looks rebellious but only wants to look intimidating because of past bullying. She is a girl who will not take no for an answer. She is a girl who Believes. This girl is a girl who loves to spread joy and happiness even though people hurt her. She has deep pain inside. She continues to walk without and suicidal thoughts. She believes she CAN. She believes giving up is not an option. I am This Girl

Ever wondered?

Ever wondered who were your real friends? Ever wondered who your going to marry or have kids with? Ever wondered if your going to be "forever alone"? Ever wondered who thinks about you? Ever wondered who you are hurting? Ever wondered what your going to be doing 10 years from now? Ever wondered what triggers you? Ever wondered where you might end up living? Ever wondered ? Because I know I do.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lessons I've learned

I Wish I NEVER moved . Although I met some amazing people like Ryan , Linda , Olga, and way more.. I met some pointless people who didn't deserve to be in my life at all.. I made plenty of mistakes and I realized 541 days later that  I evolved to a completely different person. I never use to cuss, I went to church, I was so sweet, I always accomplished my goals....Even though I am smarter and friendlier, I still believe Hartford is NOT my place, the people here aren't either. We AREN'T compatible! I have respect for myself and others. I actually want to finish school and go to college. I rather not smoke or drink but this community/society is all about that. DON'T GET SUCKED Into it. Some of you may see this STATUS as B.s or LONG AND BORING, but i'm being serious. While you all are throwing "fair ones" or getting mad over petty things....LETS GET REAL, How is that going to benefit us? I'm only 17 years old and everything I have I've gotten it on my own (besides my car) You WORK for what you want. I do Appreciate those who take their time to message me everyday and tell me how beautiful I am, I Appreciate those who keep it real with me no matter what, I Appreciate those who respect whether i'm in a relationship or not and just want to be FRIENDS and NOTHING MORE. I APPRECIATE all of you! Even if you hate me and want to lurk... keep lurking idc. I'm a sweet, genuine girl who has BIG Dreams, and I want to help others realize certain things.. So they won't fall in any holes they can't dig their self out of.
Thanks, Sincerely, Tiny <3